The Most Important Question of Your Life

Updated: Jan 21, 2019 UTC
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Most individuals think that life is meant to enjoy it because you only live once. This is true to some extent, but to make that life enjoyable you need to work for it. Some people take the enjoyment part too seriously and are not too focused on working. You have to make your life fun, and nobody else will make it for you. Life is only given once, and you should not take it for granted. You should enjoy and work. Both aspects are dependent on each other.

Ask yourself what do you want from life?

If you ask an individual about what they want from their life, their answers will be to be happy, to have a good family, to live healthily and all sort of dreamy answers. You might have heard these answers a million times before. This is nothing extraordinary. Everybody wants to be happy, and everybody wants to live a good life. No man in this world prays for a bad life. The thing is that it is very easy to pray for a good life, but it is difficult to create a good life. It takes years of hard work and dedication, sweat and blood.

The real question is not ‘what you want out of life’, it is ‘what are you ready to sacrifice to create a good life’. Praying is very easy but working hard is difficult. Hard work pays off. It is very easy to say that he has money, so he is able to enjoy his life. Nobody sees the work and dedication it took to create that life. No one will question them about their dull past; everybody will focus on the glorified present. This is the thing with us, we never appreciate hard work and just see the money made by anyone.

What can you do to achieve what you want from life?

You should be ready to work day and night if you want your dream life. You will have to face many obstacles, but the results will make you realise that everything was worth it. Nobody regrets a good life. Know that whatever you do will affect your life. You cannot sit back and expect everything to sort out on its own. You need to leave your comfort and step into the real world. You need to go through real pain. Many people are born poor but die rich. It is not your fault if you are born in a low-income family, but if you do nothing about it and die in the same way, then it is completely your fault.

The dreams that you see can be made into reality. You need to ask yourself if you are ready to work that hard. If you are happy to give up your sleep and enjoyment to create your dream life. If you are willing to bear the pain and sacrifice, if the answers to all these questions are yes, then you are ready to create a good life.

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