How To Start A New Job in Any Organisation - Some Tips

Updated: Jan 18, 2019 UTC
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Starting a new job is very difficult for any individual. It is a phase full of nervousness and excitement. It is a tedious thing to get settled in any new organization. Don’t get too nervous or too excited; you might mess things up. Try to create a friendly relationship with your colleagues. They will help you in your work and also tell you how the company works. Keep in mind that you need to remain calm during the first few days of your job. After all, people are going to remember you according to your first presentation.

Ways to start a new job in any organization

1. Make a good impression: You should be able to impress everyone with your work and ideas. Don’t feel shy. Try to express yourself. Be confident and show that you can do any work that you want them to do. Do not get angry at petty things, keep your calm. Be humble to your colleagues and your boss. Talk politely with everyone. This will help you create a good rapport with all the other employees in the office.

2. Be punctual: Everyone knows how important time is. This step is not only important for the initial process but also for the days to come. Don’t give excuses for being late. If you are late due to some reason, explain it to your boss. Repetitive excuses will make you sound like a liar in front of your boss. Manage your time efficiently. It is okay if you reach office little early. It will make a good impact on your boss and colleagues. Try to complete the allotted hours before leaving. Do not be in a rush to go home. Being punctual also means that you submit your work on or before the deadline.

3. Learn from your colleagues: Boss is going to be busy and cannot answer your doubts now and then. Learn how your colleague solves a particular problem and ask him doubts. If you have a major problem, only then, go to the boss. Ask questions and be curious to know things. In the initial stages, try doing things like your colleague. You will get the hang of it. Once you are comfortable in the office, develop your ways to do work. This is why it is very important to have a healthy relationship with your fellow employees.

4. Do your homework: When you start a new job, make sure you know everything about the company. Read about your company on the internet and go through their site. If you have friends who are working or have worked there, contact them for information. This way you won’t feel lost on the first day of your work. This part is very important and not many people do it. Doing your homework will make you prepared for the initial days of your work.

5. Know your office and their departments: Take a tour of the office on the first day of your work. Ask someone to guide you and show you which door leads to which department. Apart from the physical structure, the department also varies from office to office. If you know the location of everything, it will be easier for you to work. Know your desk properly. The desk is where you work, and you should know everything about that area. Knowing your office will also help you to know people. And if you are lucky enough, the colleague will introduce you to everybody.


It is a little scary to start anything new, but as long as you are happy with your job, you can fight any obstacle. You just need to be aware of your surroundings and observe everything for a few days. Be confident and happy; rest will fall into its place.

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