How To Love The Job You Hate

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With limited employment opportunities, the competition to get a job gets tougher. It is not a sure thing to get a paying job these days. The focus of many professionals has moved away from finding a career you love to take the job you can get. Although, that does not mean you have to give up the hope of creating an enjoyable and highly fulfilling career that you love. You need to set yourself up for success while still showing up at a job that does not exactly cheer you up. Here are six ideas that you need to consider to love the job that you hate.

Focus on what’s right in your job

Every job has its right and wrong. No matter where you find yourself, there will always be pressures, people, and tasks that you do not enjoy. Instead of zooming in on the negative aspects of your job, think rationally about what is right about your job. You can recall what made you accept this job in the first place, perhaps it was the chance to get some experience in your field, the opportunity to work with the people you enjoy, the easy commute, or it was the pay.

Fix what can be fixed

A focus on what is right does not mean that you must pretend that everything is rosy at work. Be honest about what’s not working out for you in this job. Make a list of tasks, people, and things that you do not enjoy and then look at each item to find out whether something can be done about it or not. Find out if there’s a way to optimize somehow, automate, or create templates for the tasks that are boring and repetitive.

Clarify your career path

Only because you are currently doing this job doesn’t mean that you will be here for the rest of your life. Start with getting some clarity around your career goals. Find out what you are willing to give up in exchange for something you want.

Figure out what’s good about your job?

You can always try and reward yourself after you accomplish tasks on the job. You need to decrease the chances of feeling miserable and be good at what you do. Find out about the things that you love about your job.

Keep a clear head

The toughest thing about holding down a job that you don’t love is not sabotaging yourself during the whole process. Be concise, and clear on your personal “do not cross” lines, avoid the situation that turns unethical or abusive. Keep in mind that this job is just a stepping stone. Difficult jobs offer the best earning opportunities for people sometimes. Know what you are getting out of having this position, a paycheck will allow you to become financially independent, build up a financial reserve that will work as a bridge to your next job opportunity, or you can buy things that bring you a job. Also, a boring and repetitive job will let you know how much you value creativity in your work.

Know what you are grateful for?

You should never stop being appreciative of what you already have. Focusing on the negatives isn’t going to take you anywhere but drag you down further. Consider yourself in other people’s shoes who are doing rough work just to stay healthy, be able to feed themselves, have shelter and clothing. It could always get worse. This is just one of the ways you can find love in a job that you hate while taking action towards making it better.

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