Should We Distribute Human Resource Into the Business?

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Distribute more authority and intelligence into HR teams within the business. This means a different structure and more "authority" and "expertise" within each business unit. It breaks down the traditional "center of expertise" structure.

1. Create "networks of expertise," not "centers of expertise," and let senior talent professionals relocate into the business where needed. This creates an external intelligence function that helps HR continuously improve and evolve as new talent solutions are discovered.

2.  Spend much more time and money building the skills of the HR team itself. Every HR professional needs a plan and certification program to deepen their expertise in the disciplines of HR as well as the business itself. High-performing companies tell me that the new HR professional needs 50% MBA skills and 50% HR skills.

3. Define the HR strategy clearly (and we have a model for HR strategy available to members) to help decide if you are a "pioneer," a "fast follower," or focused on "efficiency." Depending on your HR/talent strategy, you may take different levels of risk in your talent strategy.

4.  Focus very heavily on integrating the talent management teams, bringing together the various talent practices discussed above. Today's integrated talent management function includes talent acquisition, development, mobility, retention, engagement, compensation, and analytics.

5. Start to look at HR technology as "systems of engagement" not "systems of record," so the HR infrastructure supports employees and managers directly. Almost half the companies we talk with are considering replacing their traditional HRMS with a new cloud-based solution.

6. Make sure you have a plan to build an integrated talent analytics function. This involves bringing together analytics teams from throughout HR and moving down a talent analytics maturity model.

7.  Put in place a senior executive-driven governance process that lets senior business leaders directly see and impact HR, L&D, and talent investments throughout the company.


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