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Added: Jun 25, 2014 UTC
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100 Ways to Energize Groups in your organization.  A game to Use in Workshops, Meetings and the Community is one of a series of resources that the Alliance is developing to encourage participation in practice. It is a compilation of energizers, icebreakers and games that can be used by anyone working with groups of people, whether in a workshop, meeting or community setting.


Things to consider when using Energizers

  1. Try to use energizers frequently during a workshop or meeting, whenever people look sleepy or tired or to create a natural break between activities.
  2. Try to choose games that are appropriate for the local context, for example, thinking carefully about ames that involve touch, particularly of different body parts.
  3. Try to select games in which everyone can participate and be sensitive to the needs and circumstances of the group. For example, some of these games may exclude people with disabilities, such as difficulty walking or hearing, or people with different levels of comfort with literacy.
  4. Try to ensure the safety of the group, particularly with games that involve running. For example, try to make sure that there is enough space and that the floor is clear.
  5. Try not to use only competitive games but also include ones that encourage team building.
  6. Try to avoid energizers going on for too long. Keep them short and move on to the next planned activity When everyone has had a chance to move about and wake up!

A complete 100 games attachment is for your kind consideration and further action....


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Vrajesh Kumar Vithaldas
Vrajesh Kumar Vithaldas Aug 12, 2014 UTC
Excellent Energizers......vrajesh kumar vithaldas

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