Become a Successful Speaker by these 26 Rules

Updated: Jul 06, 2018 UTC
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Communication is an important part of living. People rely on communication nearly every minute of every day. The communication between people is what helps build relationships, teaches and informs others, and brings emotion into our everyday lives. So why then is it so hard to learn how to communicate at times? If speaking one on one is no big deal, what makes public and guest speaking so intimidating? It shouldn’t be, and that is the purpose of this book.

While communication is apparent all the time in life, people get paid tons of money to speak and communicate to audiences. The idea of guest speaking is a mixture between communication and teaching. Most of the time, an audience will request a speaker who is knowledgeable about a subject in order to teach a group about his/her area of expertise. The didactic nature of public speaking is what separates public speaking from private conversations. Whether it be motivational, educational or persuasive, giving a public speech is a lot harder than it sounds. From voice intonation and word choice, to stance and delivery, there are so many different elements that affect public speaking that are important to learn and practice them.

People always ask me for tips on how to become a better speaker. I have extensive experience in dealing with public speaking; both booking the events as well as speaking at them. There are many secrets that I am going to share with you which will help you excel as a public speaker. Some, you may have heard of before; others may seem weird. Be assured that the pointers and tips that I have laid out for you will be well received if properly executed. Read here attachement for more information...


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