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Employees should get credit for their hard work. Appreciation and recognition of an employee is an important aspect of increasing their performance. If an individual is not recognized for his/her work, he will not have the will to do it again. Giving credit is a way of telling them that their idea was brilliant and they should keep working hard. A company should never label an employee’s work as their own. This causes a disparity between the employees and the goodwill of doing any work diminishes. Appreciating them for their achievements is like building an emotional bridge with them.

Why is recognition significant?

Employee recognition basically plays with the psychology of the mind. When a person is appreciated, he/she feels important. If not given enough credits, he will feel as if his work has no importance. We know "Employee loyalty is not a given, it has to be earned". If you feel good about your company, you will work harder, and if you are not satisfied with the company, you will reduce the amount of effort in your work.

If a company wants an employee to be satisfied with his/her, you will need to give them some kind of recognition and try to avoid some common mistakes of R&R.

Improving employee recognition:

1. Select a star employee monthly. Keep a slot only for recognizing the best employee of that particular. Have a board on which you can clip all the employees of the month that you select in a year. This will improve the performance on a regular basis as the quality will be judged on monthly criteria. This way they will also be recognized by the whole company and will increase their self-respect.

2. Give them awards in the form of bonuses and incentives. Money is the best way to make an individual feel appreciated. When an employee gets a monetary reward, he will be recognized as an important person who will boost his performance.

3. Offer rewards other than money. A company can give them a week off or arrange a short vacation for them. Many companies now arrange a foreign trip for employees who have managed to sell maximum products. This gives them recognition as well as motivation.  It can be anything that is not money. Gaining respect in the company is much more beneficial than getting money. If the work of an employee is very good and his work is consistent, you can also give him a promotion.

4. Not only professional, but personal achievements should also be recorded. The company can also recognize things like charity, working for an NGO. If an employee is into good things, appreciation is necessary. This will indulge other employees in doing better things. Personal recognition will make them feel happy and will try and do the same for the company. This is a very effective way of increasing an employee’s recognition.

5. Express gratitude personally. In normal circumstances, being called by the boss is a nightmare for any employee. A company can contradict this view and instead call them to thank them. Thanking them personally will make them feel important and they will be more open to you. Personal recognition is s significant as company recognition.

6. If an employee has cracked a huge deal, then the company should throw a success party for him. Such deals happen rarely and so throwing a party every once in a while is a good way of being thankful. His family could also be called to the party so that they know that he is the star employee.

7. You should not leave recognizing an employee once he completes the work. You should keep the appreciation going and motivate employees to work hard. If you just thank him during the work, he will soon lose recognition and respect.

Conclusion:  Employee recognition is as important as any other criteria and should not be ignored. Companies who reward and appreciate their employees regularly have greater work satisfaction and also helps in balancing the company.

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Sunder Singh
Sunder Singh 4 months ago

R&R activities are must.. mutual respect and courtesy are valued higher than monetary compensation

Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur Mar 03, 2018 UTC
Good story. Even we also know that recognition in much important to motivate employee Performance and productivity. An appreciated person always looks for next and big target and these small token of rewards gives them more boost to achieve their target by and before time.

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