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Upgrade Your Skills and Become Smarter

Are you smart and skillful? Yes this is my question for all professionals who are working in corporate sector. Do you know what your employer wants and what skills you have in present? Can you achieve your target in by these skills or not. You need to analysis your skills and smartness before anyone ...

Posted by - Kajal Thakur Kajal Thakur

Twenty Steps to Successful Time Management

1. Clarify your objectives. Put them in writing. Then set your priorities. Make sure you’re getting what you really want out of life... 2. Focus on objectives, not on activities. Your most important activities are those that help you accomplish your objectives... ...

Posted by - Vikas Sharma Vikas Sharma

Seven Attributes The HR Professional Must Possess - A Passage to The Coveted Spot

A great deal has been penned about the need for the Human Resource Department to become a 'Strategic' business partner. A lot has been spoken about how the HR Pros can turn into the 'catalysts' or 'change agents'. A great deal has been discussed about, "it is the time to reinvent the Human Resource Department". A lot of brouhaha has been around on why the HR Pros do not make it to the Board of Directors or the 'Think Tank'. ...

Posted by - Ketan Bhatt Ketan Bhatt

People Management “Data And Analytics Will Change It Forever”

Companies are nothing without the right people. People with the right skills and talent make all the difference and will give company the competitive edge they need to succeed today and in the future. It is therefore absolutely vital that companies find, recruit and retain the right people. ...

Posted by - Admin Hrdguru Admin Hrdguru

Why Should you Love Your Enemies in Business

One of the major rivalries in business history is between Apple and Microsoft, two behemoths that have ruled the technology sector for decades. Wherever you go in the world, whether it’s to the United States or to China, you find the same scenario: Apple users hate Microsoft users and vice versa. ...

Posted by - Admin Hrdguru Admin Hrdguru

What My Skills Make Me Happy And Stay In A Company

Working in the private companies is always challenging and enjoyable. You’ll think, is this true or wrong? If you have good skills and doing your job with perfection and dedication in the organization and you are capable to achieve your target in the desired time frame then you will definitely enjoy your job. ...

Posted by - Kajal Thakur Kajal Thakur

Cross Cultural Challenges In the International Business Management

The company where I was working was taken over by a British multinational company in the mid 1990s. The newly appointed Managing Director from UK, during one of his visits to the plant, inquired how Gujarati people eat food at home. Having heard the response, he decided to sit down on the floor ...

Posted by - Ketan Bhatt Ketan Bhatt