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Five Techniques For Enhancing Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation is important to get a extremely effective corporation. The task nowadays is always that a great deal of supervisors need to know the way to stimulate their particular staff members. A much better problem nonetheless is usually "How should i build a state that may be motivatio ...

Posted by - Kajal Thakur Kajal Thakur

What Bosses/ Supervisiors Should Never Ask Employees to Do

They're bosses. They're in charge. They have the power. But while some tasks are obviously out of bounds, others are less so -- which is why bosses also shouldn't use their powers to: ...

Posted by - Admin Hrdguru Admin Hrdguru

Employee Developmental Problems That Niggle The Organization

What keeps the leaders of an organization awake? A constant source of worry for the employers is employee retention and employee relation in an organization. The main challenge is allowing adequate opportunities for proper training and development of employees ...

Posted by - Kajal Thakur Kajal Thakur

Management Styles - An Alternate Paradigm

Management literature is replete with the information on different managerial & leadership styles (in business context) and theories & experiments that explain them. As advocated by the renowned management gurus repeatedly, there is no one panacea style. ...

Posted by - Ketan Bhatt Ketan Bhatt

What Information Does An Employee Expect? - An Employee Communication Primer

With the business laws becoming stricter in India and the 'Right-To-Information' Act being enforced in the 'right' spirit, coupled with the hyperactive media & proliferation of social networking websites, the word 'Transparency' has acquired a new meaning in the world of business. Till early 1990s, the word 'transparency' was just not in the business lexicon and today it is a stringent legal, a professional, business and a societal necessity. ...

Posted by - Ketan Bhatt Ketan Bhatt

Human Capital Index of an Organization - Drawing a Lesson From Human Development Index of the UNDP

The UNDP is the United Nations' global development network headquartered in New York. It advocates for change and connects countries to knowledge, experience, and resources to help people build a better life. The HDI is a composite measure of human development of a nation. ...

Posted by - Ketan Bhatt Ketan Bhatt

Baby Steps in Human Resource Tech: Social and Your ATS

We all know how important it is in recruiting to embrace social media as an effective medium in your recruiting process, but many of us don’t know how to integrate social media recruiting initiatives with an ATS optimally. Social media has changed the way we recruit. Knowing how to use you ...

Posted by - Admin Hrdguru Admin Hrdguru

The ‘Hidden Truths’ Behind Employee Separation

It’s time to quit! These words may sound good if an organization wants to get rid of a particular worker but is not very good news if the employee who is about to quit is a dedicated worker. The hiring and firing is the sole responsibility of the HRD section of an organization. It’s a sad th ...

Posted by - Vikas Sharma Vikas Sharma

Cascading The Organization's Values - A Challenge Amidst Dwindling Ethics

IGNITION: During our life, we pass through many forms of organizations. The first is the family. Then the school, the college, and the buddy group. Companies we work for are the next. We enroll in professional, social, or religious associations or unions. The apartments or societies where we ...

Posted by - Ketan Bhatt Ketan Bhatt

The Management Board - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The federal structure of the Indian democratic system has two houses (lower & upper) of elected and / or nominated representatives of the people. These houses are the House of the People (Lok Sabha) and the Council of States (Rajya Sabha). The main business of both the Houses is to legis ...

Posted by - Ketan Bhatt Ketan Bhatt

Celebrating Diversity - An Organizational Perspective

I newly came across a statement which said, "let us move away from Unity in Diversity to Celebrate Diversity". Very interesting! The time could not have been better to celebrate diversity now, when the Indian organizations are getting more and more diverse. Nevertheless, their dive ...

Posted by - Ketan Bhatt Ketan Bhatt