Top Mistakes Management Makes Managing People

People management is a skill that few leaders would be having! Good leaders hire talent and mould them into an invaluable asset. Visionary leaders too sometimes would have made management mistakes of course! But if something they did differently was that they had learned from those hurdles and coped up with them like a challenge....

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Women in Leadership: How to increase the appalling ratio?

Current time is always the right time to promote a hardworking and deserving woman into a leadership role. Although the time has seen and shown us the power of women’s leadership, it still needs ...

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Work Culture: How to promote open communication in the workplace?

The single biggest problem in communication—George Bernard Shaw said—is the illusion that it has taken place.Soul of a successful business lies in clear communication. Workplaces with open commun...

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Is virtual workplace relevant in today's world?

Think about the new worldview of work—whenever, anyplace, in genuine space or on the internet. For some businesses, the virtual working environment, in which representatives work remotely from each other and from supervisors...

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Ideas for Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Corporate social responsibility activities are a really impactful and inventive path for organizations build up notoriety for being a socially mindful organization. Also, it's a simple method to hold top workers. Be that as it may, how would you make an interpretation of this into an impactful occasion? These five straightforward thoughts will get your corporate social duty occasions off to an awesome begin....

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Quality Management System

Total quality management (TQM) is a management system in a customer-oriented organisation that leads to continual development and improvement of employees in all spheres of the organisation. HR usually plays an important role in focusing and delivering the long-term training program that includes an...

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Why Xennials are Important for an Organization?

Enough talking about the millennials of the corporate, Xennials are another important for an organization. First of all, we need to understand the meaning of Xennials that will make it easier to understand their importance. Xennials refer to that micro-generation that is born between the years of Ge...

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High Performance Workplace and Job Rotation Strategy are Inter-connected

Organizations in these modern times face rapid changes in the external company environment impacting the operations of the internal one. The demands of skilled workers, clients, customers, social activists, reformers are increasing every day demanding diversified requirements. To manage the increasi...

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It’s easy to be Happy at the Workplace

We read so much about Google as an employer where the employees get free food; the engineers are allowed to spend 20% of their time to do their own projects other than official ones, and many more facilities where they get an atmosphere of openness and fun. There are many more Fortune 100 employers ...

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Guide for HR Professionals to succeed in their career

Completing a professional degree and landing up a job in human resources department is not enough to succeed in the career of HR professionals. We are challenged every day with the new developments in terms of regulations and law and even the cultural differences. HR professionals not only need to k...

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How a candidate can be assessed on cultural intelligence?

With the increasing trend and requirement of corporate to have a perfect blend of cross-cultural, it is equally important to have a workforce that can adjust well with the colleagues from a different cultural background. The recruiters already take intelligence quotient seriously during the intervie...

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How great leaders are different from good leaders?

The times are challenging and managing a team being a leader is not a simple task anymore. Now, handling a team of millennials is a challenge in its own terms. One can be a good leader with regards to the experience, qualification, knowledge, and exposure; however, being a great leader is the demand...

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What companies need to understand about work-life integration?

Gone are the days when the work-life balance was the term mostly used. Now, as per the modern time requirements, we need to make sure that the employees working for our organization can do their personal tasks that are important and urgent even when they are on duty and present in the company, becau...

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HR is aware that Open Office Environment doesn’t work at all

According to a study, an employee takes only 37 seconds to know that the open office environment is not going to work for him/ her and it will just suck. For the obvious reasons, when you move across the office and look out for other people who are already working there in the open office environmen...

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Why organizations prefer their next CEO from HR background?

As times are moving, HR is moving ahead in terms of having value and importance in an organization. As earlier, HR was looked as only a back office department and a cost centre for a company who do only administrative tasks; today it is seen sitting for the board meetings along with the directors. M...

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How can you make your Company Best from the Rest?

Every company is in the race to be on the top of the list, being it the top performer, top revenue generator, or the best employer. It takes more than just wages and employee engagement activities to keep your organization the best choice for the candidates to work with. You need to be close to your...

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Human Capital Areas that Organizations need to match the Technology Advancement

The speed with which the technology is changing, the gap between this advancement and challenges of talent management and culture is increasing. The organizations need to take few steps in the area of Human capital to effectively bridge this gap. The companies need to understand the need of the hour...

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Reasons why you need to re-skill you HR team

Human Resource department makes the core team for the success of any organization. And when the industry standards change, the technology and HR trends change, questions changed, and the potential candidate’s preferences change, HR team needs to change them in order to cope with the changing market....

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How to avoid back office politics?

As we are working in corporate world and adhere its policies and professional ethics, but unfortunately staying long hours in office, it’s not possible to act professional all the time. Whenever colleagues gets the relax time, they starts un-ethical and politics approach. These are few steps to avoi...

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Managing diversity at workplace

Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between individuals in an organisation. Diversity is just not about how people understand themselves but also how other people in the organisation understand them. When we talk about diversity at workplace it may comprise of gender differences...

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