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PF & ESI Calculation Format 2017

Hi evryone, If anyone rewuired the help in PF and ESI Calculation, they can use the attached format for the same. In this format Challan's format is also included with various link. For any further assistance you can contact me...thx ...

Posted by - Sanjay Kumar Sanjay Kumar

Human Resource Policies & Procedure Audit Checklist

Hi, Human Resource department is very important in any organisation. It plays the part in Employee engagement/ satisfection, Performance Management. ...

Posted by - Sanjay Kumar Sanjay Kumar

Increase Your Business Office Efficiency By Using Employee Management Software

Utilizing worker administration software program, your own hr manager workplace can perform along with increased business as well as improve business office effectiveness. Within this software program gives a person lots of benefits enjoy it boosts your own worker productiveness, enhances protection inside your workplace. This kind of application provides the probability of eliminate salaries fee as well as labor force supervision price. ...

Posted by - Vikas Sharma Vikas Sharma

Recent Practices In HR Area

Please suggest me Human Resource topic for my ph.d work. I am doing this in hr, where I need new topics for my further study. And what are the new trends of today Human Resource Management. ...

Posted by - Bibi Hajira Bibi Hajira

Importance of Exit Interview At The Time of Employee Separation

Employee Retaining is very important for any organisation. So there are so many tools for  retaining good people in the organisation, althouth there may be some others reasons for separtion of the employees. But Human Resource Department should take care of employee separtion proc ...

Posted by - Vikas Sharma Vikas Sharma