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Why You Require A Good Resume- Download The Format Here...!

Well formatted resume is a must to stand out from the crowd and also provide relevant and correct information to the recruiter.  Does having the best resume format really matter? You bet it does! A good resume format makes it easy for an employer to see — in a few red-hot seconds& ...

Posted by - Kajal Thakur Kajal Thakur

Very Useful Warning Letters Format For Any Company

Hello friends, I am here enclosing various warning letters format for your kind consideration. These can be helpful in any corpoarte organisation.  Being a hr professional, one should have the data bank and formats. Thanks. Kajal ...

Posted by - Kajal Thakur Kajal Thakur

Do You Need Manpower Requisition Form

Its prime responsibility of human resource department to manage and hire skilled manpower in the organization. HR Department should aware of exact skills which they needed to hire according their company requisitions. There should be proper channel to hire the manpower in any organization ac ...

Posted by - Neha Sharma Neha Sharma

Task Tracking Sheet

can any one provide me task tracking sheet in excel ...

Posted by - Riddhi Verma Riddhi Verma

Sexual Harassment Policy SOP

Company is committed to creating an ambience in which all employees can work together in an atmosphere that is free from sexual harassment. All employees, including other persons who have dealings with Company, have the right to be treated with dignity.  Sexual harassment is an offence and ...

Posted by - Kajal Thakur Kajal Thakur