Why HR Budget Planning Is So Important

A complete and practical budget is one of the most important tools for guiding any business and providing the realistic information necessaryto operate within your resources, handle forthcoming c...

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SOPs to be followed for Material Receipt

Once the Purchase Order is placed by the Purchase Department of a company, it is very important to see how the Material Receipt is being taken care of, how and where the entries of the change in the stock is to be done at various levels, how the payment is being done to the vendor and the steps to b...

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SOPs to be followed before placing a Purchase Order in the Purchasing Department

In a well run purchasing department of a company there is always a set of purchasing procedures. This is a formal document or manual that sets out each person’s responsibilities in the purchasing cycle as well as detailing each of the specific purchasing procedures. The below Purchase Process is rel...

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Gender Pay Gap is Illegal now in Iceland

Yes, you read it right. As per the new law of Iceland, it is mandatory for all the companies and organizations having more than 25 employees working there to have an equal pay scale for the same work irrespective of the gender of the candidate. The law of equal pay was actually planned on the Intern...

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Manpower Requisition Format

Need Manpower Requisition Form/ Format ...

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Task Tracking Sheet

can any one provide me task tracking sheet in excel ...

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