How do you deal with a workplace bully without ruining your career or appearing weak?

It is possible to stop a workplace bully without ruining your career or appearing weak. It isn't easy, but it can be done. But only if you have help. Here is how you do it and yes, this technique...

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An Eye opener towards the Opthal care

God’s precious gift:Photography is an art, for so many its passion, destiny but whatever you may click using high-end lens, it will not be in the quality of which we have seen it actually with ou...

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Want to be successful ? Sleepwell !

Is it harm?“Am I sleeping?” is the most common word used to express the anger as well the busy status. Really are we sleeping well? Sleeping only keeping humans well … But no one cares to sleep w...

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Some hidden facts on-fire Thugs of Ignition – version 2.0

In a prequel of this article, we saw about the causes of fire and classes. Now we are going a step forward.Smoke – The Assassin:We know the statutory warning “Smoking is injurious to Health” whic...

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How to implement Employee Health Programs that really Work?

Employees spend a good 8 to 10 working hours in the office every day which makes it logical for the employers to think of developing healthy behaviours that turn those hours into “the productive ...

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Did he touch you inappropriately? Beware of Sexual harassment in the workplace

You may have noticed that women who travel in trains and buses are often groped at, in the mob-pushing and prodding. Sex-starved men stand close to these unaware and ignorant ladies and grab an e...

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Thugs of Ignition ( Fire – A Clear acquaintance)

Catchy & Catching term:The term“Fire”is very attractive and versatile according to the field. ForHR peopleit means to send out,Shoot outfor Armed forces,Attitudeor Burning desire for motivato...

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Industrial Accidents - An In-complex Understanding

No Overthinking Every one of us knows that Accidents are an unexpected thing but sadly there is a hidden truth that most of the Accidents are avoidable since it’s manmade. There is a saying in cr...

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Harassment at work! Deal with it now

People trudge to work every day to achieve ambitious targets that they have set for themselves. With a confident step they report to office daily and immerse themselves in an atmosphere where the...

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How can we handle medically unfit employee in office?

Employee's medicinal chronicles and a business' absence of information of them prompting sad events have been in the news lately.Such events are really deplorable and ideally uncommon, however, h...

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How to handle office romance as a manager

Happy couples are something that everyone loves but not in a workplace for sure. Romance at the workplace can be distracting and leads to loss of productivity. Following are the tips for HR Managers to deal with inevitable workplace pairing without much hue and cry.Talk about it:Managers feel that i...

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All you need to know if you are hiring Women Staff for Night Shift

When an organization has a plan to hire women employees to work during night hours, they need to adhere to some laws and create strong policies to make sure that they are safe inside the premises and reach back their home safely. In India, we generally refer to a night shift with working hours betwe...

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How can you handle Sexual Harassment at work place?

Sexual Harassment is not new in any workplace. We hear a number of stories, incidents, and issues regarding the same every day. Sexual Harassment is definitely against the law that comes under Equal Opportunity Act 2010. It is basically an unwanted sexual behaviour in the form of verbal, physical, o...

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Play your role in life with such dedication that people applaud you even after your death...!!

His body was wrapped in a tricolor. A martyr he was. A brave soldier with a soft heart. A father of two teenage daughters and a 7 year old son, with a caring wife. Three days ago the family was flying high when Colonel Munindra Nath Rai was awarded a Republic Day Gallantry Medal - Yudh Seva meda...

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The Most Important Question of Your Life

Most individuals think that life is meant to enjoy it because you only live once. This is true to some extent, but to make that life enjoyable you need to work for it. Some people take the enjoyment part too seriously and are not too focused on working. You have to make your life fun, and nobody else will make it for you. Life is only given once, and you should not take it for granted. You should enjoy and work. Both aspects are dependent on each other....

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The strength of "weak signals"

As information thunders through the digital economy, it’s easy to miss important “weak signals” often hidden amid the noise. Arising primarily from social media, they represent snippets—not streams—of information and can help companies to figure out what customers want and to spot looming industry ...

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