Six Factors that Affect Your Credit Score Management

When you apply for a home loan, there are many factors that go into determining the rate of interest that you will be offered, how much loan amount you can avail, and even if your loan will be ap...

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Five Misconceptions About Taking Home Loan

As real estate prices have come up over time, it has become increasingly difficult to shortlist and buy a house that suit all our needs. Due to these reasons, many of us avail home loans while bu...

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Benefits of Taking a Loan Against Property

If you’re in need of urgent money, a loan is one of the best ways to get the funds you need. But given that there are different types of loans, which one would be the best option? A loan against ...

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My spouse got a job out of state: should I go with him?

It is basically your decision, but when you decide to be on both ends and consult all positives and negatives that will affect as a result of leaving a spouse along or take part in every action o...

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8 Best personal finance resolutions for 2019

We are already cruising through the first quarter of the year, however, there’s still ample room to get your financial habits in place. You may think that you have successfully managed your finan...

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Second Job- How to Augment your Monthly Salary?

You are not happy with your take-home at the end of the month. You have racked up your finances with a seemingly never-ending home loan. Or you want to stack up your wallet with a few more bucks....

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Top 10 Real Work From Home Jobs For Freelancers

Feel of being an entrepreneur fulfills us with lots of confidence and equips us with a freedom to work without pressure and earn infinitely. Freelancing is one of the most growing and independent...

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How to save more from a smaller salary?

Saving money for fulfilling the future requirements is the inborn desire of all the employees working under the organizations. Planning and proceeding with such financial desire is just like a ch...

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Ways to motivate employee other than salary

Research demonstrates that a spurred, drew in and the responsive workforce is significantly more painful than an unmotivated, emotionless gathering of representatives. At the point when labourers feel connected with, they will probably work harder for the benefit of the organization, since they can ...

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It’s high time you brush up your Income Tax 2017-18 facts

Being in HR department and handling Payroll details, it becomes highly important to know everything about Income tax for the employees. If the Income declaration is not submitted yet, you need to get the declaration filled by each and every individual irrespective of their income fall into the taxab...

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