What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource management is effective method to get maximum output( productivity) from employees. HRM department ensures good and healthy environment for employees. A Human Resource Manager alwa...

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5 Signs That Suggests You Found Your Calling

Everybody was destined to accomplish something one of a kind; We didn't result in these present circumstances earth just to be another specialist, architect or legal adviser. Obviously, all these...

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How to handle rude boss

It's sufficiently awful to need to work with inconsiderate collaborators, yet when your supervisor is discourteous, it can influence your mindset and your ability to come to work each day. It likewise can change the way that you communicate with others. Being abused by the manager remains with you w...

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Being Busy Doesn’t Prove Your Productivity

We are doing different tasks during the course of the day, but at the end of the day, it seems that nothing has been achieved. Of course, we have many tasks, as we are playing a different role in our life. But Alas! we are always complaining that our busy schedule is keeping us away from our hobbies...

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Role of Good Networking Online and Offline in Business Growth

It is a known fact that if we add new tools to our toolbox it doesn’t mean the old tools have become useless; The latest innovations in technical growth doesn’t keep aside the old methods of working, it’s just that the world is growing with the new advancement and we have to keep with the pace of th...

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All you need to know about Job Rotation

Job Rotation is a process in which employees work at different kind of profiles in an office for a short period of time, thus getting an experience of all the spheres of work. Job Rotation is a systematic movement of employees from one job to another within the organisation to achieve various human ...

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Secrets to Happy Workplace

Did you know that every month over 26,000 people type “I hate my job” into Google?Given that most workers spend more time with colleagues than family, it’s not surprising they want a workplace that inspires positive relationships and appreciates their contribution. Irrespective of the size of your b...

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Find out what kind of Boss you are!!!

Do you know what your employees think of you or talk about you at your back? They might be totally different in front of you and react differently when you are not around. We all have some habits and way of handling things that we don’t realize but it reflects what type of manager we are and what pe...

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Different types of Co-workers you find in every Office

We spend our most precious, energetic time in our workplace. We spend around eight to nine hours daily in our office meeting various kinds of people there. Every company can be different from one another — even your work roles and the profiles handled in the office can be different altogether. Howev...

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A Wrong Hire can Cost you a lot. Background Check is Must.

Recruitment and selection being the basic requirement of an organization, there are a number of steps involved in the process of hiring. These steps start from writing the job description for the open position, share the requirement online and offline with the concerned recruiters, getting applicati...

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Why people have resistance to change?

The organizations can hardly do much to control the changes happening in and around the world. The employees working in the organizations also need to change the way of their task completion and thinking process as per the requirements matching the changes happening around them. These changes can be...

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Challenges that Leaders face every day

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” – Frederick DouglassWhen we talk about the leaders, the main attributes we consider include their vision, integrity, communication, and curiosity to know more and to do better. Nowadays, the requirements of the attributes have increased a bit that inc...

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Here's What Employees Really Want

Employee commitment and cheerfulness is for sure one of the topics for modern management and the future of work. Employee understanding is all about providing employees with an environment where they want to come to work, a place where they can feel energized to get their bestjob done. Again, there ...

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Why Good Employees Quit?

Good employees are like an asset for the organization who really think about the company objectives and work hard to achieve their goals. They are loyal to the company, their deliverables as well the leaders. To agree or not, the organizations need such good people for sure and especially when the n...

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People Management is not limited to Human Resources Department

People Management is the skill that is supposed to be one of the essential skill in any HR professional. Though it is true that HR department needs to have strong people management skills to maintain a harmony within the organization, it is equally important for the team leaders and the management t...

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Human Resource Challenges we face today

Every HR manager faces the problem of receiving complaints from every corner. And most of the times these complaints are related to recruitment, be it the delay in the hiring of candidates or the quality of the new hires. Though the market is full of unemployed candidates who are desperately looking...

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Myths that HR professionals should not Believe

Human resources management is the backbone of any organization that helps them to streamline the process across the departments hiring the best of the talent available and suitable for the work profiles. Most of the HR professionals argue that the primary difficulty for producing persuasive, empiric...

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Tips to make your Day more Productive

When we reach office at 9 or 9.30 in the morning, we have around eight to nine hours to spend in the office and it is up to you how productive you want to be for the company. Employee performance is assessed on their productivity at work with a dedication of course. The loyalty towards and dedicatio...

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5 Biggest Lessons I have learned in the corporate world

I have spent around ten years in the corporate world handling human resources management and would love to share the biggest lessons I have learnt in my journey so far. There are a number of human resources policies for the employees that help them to keep the organization work in a smoother way and...

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Things HR Professionals hate about their job

Human Resources Professionals are also humans and are prone to hating few aspects of their own job profiles. Thought their focus is on each and every employee that they love what they do and helping them to come to that point of satisfaction, there are times when they themselves need someone to help...

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