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Random Thoughts: Loss

Hello there, world. How’s everyone doing this very fine day? Good? Well? Ya’ll’s families doing ok? Great to hear! Now tha...

If I could be, do, or live any way I can imagine?

Living abroad is a challenge, but it would be awesome because I would make my way down to Canada to become a Top professional writer and an ...

Olayinka  Sodiq
Olayinka Sodiq

copywriter 7b Crypto

Building trust and faith with employees

A close friend who has a well flourishing business suddenly started feeling sick, fatigued and low. Having visited the best of doctors and u...

Paramjit Sodhi
Paramjit Sodhi

Advisor, Mentor, Motivato...

A.R Rahman "True Inspiring Story of Success through Excellence"

We have here one model who has mastered excellence in his profession and brought the whole world under his feet - The Music Legend - A.R Rah...

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