How to keep balance at work and life

If one were asked what the most important priority of life is, how to keep a balance at one’s work life should be right among the very top. Work and life are like two worlds- two disparate, yet-a...

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Micromanagement make BEST PEOPLE Quit!

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, whether professionally or personally and when it’s broken, it is extremely hard to repair. I had a supervisor if I was over one minute on m...

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Job Crisis in India (From a Candidate Point of view)

As HR professional, we know most of the facts within the organisation and accordingly create rules and pointers in terms of recruitment strategies and budgets. However, when we get a chance to talk to the candidates in detail, they have a totally different point of view. They talk about the basic cr...

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How to retain your best employees

Employees are the most expensive part of any organization. One Valuable asset that cannot be replaced is your company’s best employees. It takes a lot of time, effort and investment to hire the best talent and then the main achievement lies in retaining the employee. Many organisations choose employ...

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What makes Great Managers Different?

It is so rightly said that, “Great people don’t do different things, and they just do things differently”. Great managers are a very important part to the growth and evolution of an organisation. Good managers can take the best out of each and every employee. There is no happiness more than having a...

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How can you create Company Culture your Employees crave?

When an employee joins your company, the first thing that comes in his mind after the job profile of course, is the company culture. Giving free snacks and planning a good vacation time can make a difference for the employees, but the way you interact with the direct reporting managers and the envir...

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HRDGuru – Help Guide for New HR Members/ Professionals

Why you should Join HRDGuru platform, this is one platform for all HR related Discussions and online help portal. Please find here the benefits of Joining this HRDGuru Platform today.· It is a group of HR’s from different different industry where they ask questions, share information and learn.· It ...

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Tips to be a successful recruiter

Recruitment holds the biggest part of the Human Resource Department and most of our time is spent on hiring good candidates. Though recruitment is a lengthy process in itself, however, the recruitment can be more hectic and tough in the process of making it tougher for the candidates. If you are tir...

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Current HR Trends in 2018

When we are handling HR department, our learning process always continues. With the change in technology, processes, employee expectations, and trends, we learn new things every day and we make new changes every time. With the year 2017 gone, there were a lot of changes we witnessed where we changed...

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March is Here: Get ready for Performance Management

Performance management is a complete procedure by which the managers, as well as the employees, work together in order to plan, monitor, discuss, and then review their work objectives and on the whole contribution to the company. However, most of the times, it is noticed that we prefer to conduct th...

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How HR can deal with rude employees?

Rude employees can be a serious problem in the workplace environment. It can bring down the morale of other employees and leads to productivity loss. Rude behaviour doesn’t only affect work culture but can also lead to a level of losing a client. Human resources personnel might not behave like a cop...

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How to Appreciate your Employees Productively

Employee recognition and appreciation used to be considered as ‘nice to have’ activity in the corporate life. However, in today’s time, it is ‘need to have’ activity for any successful organization. Most of the companies have their policies in place in terms of recognizing the employees at the workp...

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How can you handle Sexual Harassment at work place?

Sexual Harassment is not new in any workplace. We hear a number of stories, incidents, and issues regarding the same every day. Sexual Harassment is definitely against the law that comes under Equal Opportunity Act 2010. It is basically an unwanted sexual behaviour in the form of verbal, physical, o...

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Most common rewards and recognition mistakes

Rewards and recognition schemes of organizations are meant to celebrate the efforts and achievements of the staff and make the employees feel valued. Certainly, the vast majority of corporations use some sort of program intended to motivate employees by tying compensation to one index of performance...

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Avoid making these mistakes while conducting Interviews

A recruiting manager is always liable to hire best candidates in the market that can suit the company’s requirements. The future of any organization depends on the quality of employees it has and the performance they are able to deliver. So, it becomes a great responsibility for a recruiter to make ...

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The Must-have HR Policies for any Organisation

An organization needs a lot of things to run smoothly. There are a number of employees working in a company who are directly linked to the performance, well-being, and productivity of a company. Having HR policies in place is a vital component for any company to differentiate with any of the informa...

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Retaining the Employees is as important as Hiring

Recruitment always remains the main part of any Human Resources department. There is a lot of planning, time, and expenses involved in hiring each candidate and filling all the open position in the organization. Even after the candidate joins, an organization needs to spend a lot of money apart from...

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Preferred and Hired a women with career break over other candidates

In our country, it is a very common scenario where the female employees take a break from their career. The reason may vary from their marriage, relocation, new life excitement, child care, or even elderly care in the family. Once they go for a break, they generally do not analyze the effect on thei...

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A good Recruiter must be a great Observer

Once you sit in an interview room with the candidate and start asking your questions, you know at the back of your mind what traits are you looking at. No matter if the replies you are getting are correct or not (in case of non-technical questions), all that matter is whether the candidate is able t...

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With changing business and HR trends, all the HR professionals are required to keep them updated to cope up with the up-gradations. In such scenario, it become inevitable that we keep ourselves connected with some platform that can give us all the required information, latest trends and information,...

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