Step-By-Step Guide To SSC Preparation At Home

Getting a job with the Staff Selection Commission by clearing SSC exams is one of the most lucrative and bright career opportunities that one can get. It promises a good-paying job in any of the ...

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Things student should know before selecting their career path

Generally the pleasure of the person is based on the choices we make in life. Selecting the right career choice from the large number of career options is the extremely important part of life. As...

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12 Useful Resume Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out.

HR personnel and hiring managers emphasizes a lot on resumes these days in case of any job openings. As they need to select some of the applications through resumes from the pool of candidates.As...

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What is your salary expectation?

The salary expectation question is always asked at the end of the interview, no matter which type of the interview is this? To be very honest, mostly, salary depends on your interview. Every comp...

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Executive Recruiting: Tips for Recruiting Executives

There’s no denying to the fact that times have changed when it comes to recruiting. What used to be a decade back isn’t the same today. When a professional with six to seven years of experience l...

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How to prepare for an interview beforehand?

If there’s one thing that’s abundantly clear about looking for a job, it is the process of going through a laborious interview process. In some organisations, an applicant could be asked to clear...

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How to create an impressive one-page resume?

Time carries an indisputable essence and even more so for the HR executives. After all, who has the time or patience to go through a million candidate profiles if each resume is a five-page-long ...

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Dress to impress: Your guide to dress-up for an interview

Interviews are much more than drafting a stupendous resume and excellent communication skills. In the first 7 seconds of your interview, the HR executives are already done making their first impr...

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How to surmount the fear of your first interview?

When kids fabricate adult life, they group together pertinent fields of interest and envision a striking profession for themselves. However, entering adult life literally is a distinct matter alt...

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Top Killer Mistakes Job Searchers Make

It is quite common for even the most ardent and passionate aspirants to make mistakes while on the lookout for a job. Securing a job is not a piece of cake anymore because of the ever-growing com...

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What recruiters look in your resume at first glance?

Getting a good job these days is quite herculean because of the tough competition in the market. The most essential document that is needed to secure a job is none other than your resume. The CV ...

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Great Resume Tips For Graduates And College Students

Most of the graduates, who are fresh out of their respective educational careers, find themselves glaring aimlessly at their computer screen as they try to write their first resume.Experienced co...

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Avoid Resume Mistakes When Creating A Professional Resume

It is very true that a resume has the power to either break or make your career. An unflawed and professional resume not only makes you stand out from the crowd but notably increases your chances...

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What Motivates You at Work?

This is one of the main questions that interviewers ask during a job interview is, "what motivates you at work?" This question normally is meant to help the potential employer understand you more as a individual personality...

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Retaining new entrants is an art

In the current work environment, it is more important than ever to retain the talented, loyal employees who comprise your workforce and represent your company growth and brand. Surely, you need follow these tips to retain your newly hired personnel...

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Trend shaping the future of Recruiting and Hiring

Recruitmentis a term used to explain the entire process of finding and hiring qualified human talent for an open position or for a proactive hire for an organization. In United States, recruitmen...

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How Induction Program can be made useful for new Joinees

How Induction Program can be made useful for new Joinees Your employee inductionprocessis often what makes or breaks an employee’s experience at a company. A great induction or onboarding experience helps settle your new employee in, and avoid workplace issues in the future. A successful employee in...

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Employer Interviewing Best Practices

Conducting Job Interviews are a very critical aspect of hiring and the entire recruitment process. It’s very challenging for the employers to follow the best interview techniques while being on the process. Mistakes during interviews might have a serious impact on your organisation. Hiring is very i...

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Tired of sending your Resume to Hiring Managers? These can be the possible reasons

Once you submit your resume or email the hiring manager, it takes around 200 seconds to reach the concerned person. And to be honest, the recruiter spends 5-10 seconds to go through your resume to decide whether to get in contact you or not. On an average, a recruiter receives at least 50 resumes ev...

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Tips to perform Best in an Interview

Once you enter the interview room, you might meet a panel of interviewers or a single person who takes care of the recruitment. Generally, there is a set pattern of the interviews that everyone goes through and hence few specific questions that are common in any interview you face. No doubt that the...

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