Retaining new entrants is an art

In the current work environment, it is more important than ever to retain the talented, loyal employees who comprise your workforce and represent your company growth and brand. Surely, you need follow these tips to retain your newly hired personnel... new added

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Trend shaping the future of Recruiting and Hiring

Recruitmentis a term used to explain the entire process of finding and hiring qualified human talent for an open position or for a proactive hire for an organization. In United States, recruitmen...

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How Induction Program can be made useful for new Joinees

How Induction Program can be made useful for new Joinees Your employee inductionprocessis often what makes or breaks an employee’s experience at a company. A great induction or onboarding experience helps settle your new employee in, and avoid workplace issues in the future. A successful employee in...

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Tired of sending your Resume to Hiring Managers? These can be the possible reasons

Once you submit your resume or email the hiring manager, it takes around 200 seconds to reach the concerned person. And to be honest, the recruiter spends 5-10 seconds to go through your resume to decide whether to get in contact you or not. On an average, a recruiter receives at least 50 resumes ev...

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Tips to perform Best in an Interview

Once you enter the interview room, you might meet a panel of interviewers or a single person who takes care of the recruitment. Generally, there is a set pattern of the interviews that everyone goes through and hence few specific questions that are common in any interview you face. No doubt that the...

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Recruitment mistakes, Start-Ups should avoid

Start-Ups are a special case when it comes to recruitment. The process of recruitment and the selection of candidates depend on a number of factors when we hire them for a start-up. They should consider creative strategies for their recruitment process to attract and hire the best of the candidates....

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Reasons our Interview Process fails Us

With the advancement in technology and millennials working expectations, the traditional interviews are falling apart its time viability. We have abundant candidate information before even asking them to come for an interview in our office and still we ask the very general questions to start with, t...

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Job Search is not Applying through job portals anymore. It’s much more than that!!!

With the advancement in technology, companies are also getting updated with the recent developments in terms of hiring and selection procedure. While working on the human resources policies, the HR professionals take a note of the recent trends in the market how candidates are looking for jobs and h...

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How to make your Employer fall in Love with you?

Just like a candidate desperately looks out for a job, an employer is also waiting for the closure of the open position. Time is crucial for both the parties to complete the process. An interviewer has a lot to check and note when a candidate is there to meet him in the office for face to face inter...

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Google recruiters suggest ways to improve Interviewing skills

A recruitment team always keeps looking for various ways to improve their interview process in order to get best of the talent to their organization. A recruiter knows that their next hire will be as good as their interview process. A company can’t magically recruit the top talent, rather they need ...

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Reasons why you may not be getting through the interviews

Today is International Recruiters Day, and being a recruiter from last 8 years, here I am sharing what exactly could be the reasons that you are not getting selected for the jobs applied. In our country, we have lakhs of educated youth who are not getting good jobs as per their qualification and exp...

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How to dress for an interview

“First impression is the last impression” The first impression you create on a potential manager is extremely important. When you meet a manager for the initial moment they right away form an opinion of you based on what you are wearing and how you carry yourself. Despite of the work atmosphere, it ...

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Best ways to Increase your offers to joining ratio

“Dropping off after an offer” Is there anything more frustrating in recruitment than this? This begin accruing right from the moment when a requirement falls unfilled while the hiring process till the time the hired candidate becomes completely productive for the organization.Most of the time recrui...

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Recruiters adapting Social Media for Hiring

Social media handles are one of the must-have recruitment strategies these days. Today’s recruiters are becoming accustomed to the changing trends of the job seeker background by stimulating their recruiting strategies through social media targeting trendy and popular social networking sites. As per...

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Why Good Employees quit their jobs

Employees quit their job for many reasons. It may vary person to person depending upon their personal issues. It may be due to change in career; spouse getting transferred to another place etc. These are the measures which are beyond employer’s control. But a majority of the times when employees qui...

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Tips to have successful Campus Hiring

Once you get the requirements to hire for your organization, you sit to mark the details of the job requirements. These details can include the educational background, age factor, total experience required, particular skills needed, behavioural aspects as well as the personality traits. When you nee...

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How to conduct an effective interview

As a Human resource manager finding the right person for the right job is a big task. For this, a manager needs to follow a proper interview conducting techniques. The real process starts before the interview actually takes place. Below discussed are a few techniques which are really important for c...

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Why Exit Interviews are Important

Exit Interviews are taken for the employees leaving the organisation. Conducting Exit Interviews can be very beneficial for an organisation. Exit interviews if done with a proper process and not just for doing sake it can really give very good inputs to improve the organisation. The real purpose of ...

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What work HR does ? To Get the Job

This article provides jobseekers with an understanding of how human resources (HR) are the hub of an organization and how it is structured. It will also help you to appreciate the job screening process as well as each area of HR if you are considering human resources as your chosen field of occu...

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How to handle Employee Attrition

One of the major problems every organisation faces is the employee attrition. No matter how good the company culture is or how much appreciation an employee gets in his tenure when an employee has to go, he has to go. A high rate of attrition or manpower turnover in a company means more of recruitin...

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