Mindfulness in 21st Century

Hey! Are you focused to revitalize your mind and concentrate on a single thing? One of the iconic troubleshooting strategies comes forward in terms of ‘Mindfulness’.Introduction: This practice is...

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How Work-Life Balance Can Benefit Your Organisation

The work and personal life balance is one of the most important challenges that is faced by the employees and usually struggle with them. To overcome and maintain the balance between the work-lif...

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How to utilize your spare time for success

In a world where people are bogged down with the thoughts of how to achieve their professional goals, personal growth often takes a backseat. Personal goals do not find a priority in our list of ...

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Addressing High Attrition – What, How and Why?

With businesses and organizations growing leaps and bounds, workers much more competitive than ever before and the paucity of the ideal person organization fit, one should not have the utopian be...

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Businesses

The very mention of AI evokes the concern over job displacement, shortage of skills and economic instability. Despite the pressing concerns about how AI will affect the world today, the technolog...

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Startup – Few Insights & Ground reality

I wish to start…:Nowadays seven among ten are saying “I would start my own business soon”.A lot of people have great ideas but “No Money” in other hand surplus of money but no clear picture about...

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It’s a professional workplace! Control your temper, now!

“Control your temper and stop crying". Do you remember the nagging scolding from your disturbed parent when you were young? Well, this runs true even in the workplace. You need to control the ups...

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Working from Home - 7 effective Ideas to avoid distractions

If you work from home daily, frequently or occasionally, that often means you need to take care of some personal responsibilities, which compelled you to not go to the ever energetic team of your...

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Protocols for legal and ethical termination of an employee

Employees are often terminated by the employers without even following the formal rules and regulations. Instantly terminating employee from the organization is obviously easy but such terminatio...

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10 mistakes to avoid while mailing to clients

Have you ever fumbled with that recall button immediately after sending a mail? But recalling the mail does not erase your mistake often, trust me. Some recipients read the e-mails instantly and ...

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10 Success Mantra To Become Successful Entrepreneur

Individuals running their own business successfully make them more confident and empowered with developed sense of freedom. Feel of being an entrepreneur flourishes with respect to time making th...

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Only Few HR Professional knows the exact Technique of Human Inventory

We all know that world has become global village, which is giving a tough time for companies to survive against competitors. Now a firm can imitate your process, product, systems, only human capital is left behind with the company which is helping them in sailing through this competitio...

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Tips to Make Agreement Papers for New Company Clients

What is the most widely recognized error startup originators make amid early development? Not setting up a solid legitimate structure off the bat. While it's enticing to delve into the vision for your organization and begin making your thought the truth, it's essential that originators interruption and cover their legitimate bases...

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How to keep balance at work and life

If one were asked what the most important priority of life is, how to keep a balance at one’s work life should be right among the very top. Work and life are like two worlds- two disparate, yet-a...

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What is better - Overstaffing or Understaffing?

Overseeing workers is an exercise in careful control of numerous businesses battle with. Once in a while, there is an excessive number of workers in your group, bringing about grievances from sta...

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What makes Great Managers Different?

It is so rightly said that, “Great people don’t do different things, and they just do things differently”. Great managers are a very important part to the growth and evolution of an organisation. Good managers can take the best out of each and every employee. There is no happiness more than having a...

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How HR adds value to the Business?

Human Resources management is considered to be the cost centre rather than the revenue centre. Of course, the HR professionals don’t directly impact on the business of an organization, however, there are a number of ways in which human resources policies help the company to get better employee perfo...

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Is there any method of Happiness?

Everyone wants to be happy in his life; it reveals nobody can achieve happiness in his life, as not all the continuants of happiness can be achieved simultaneously at any time in his life, i.e. satisfied job, handsome salary, good health, positivity, love, purpose, selflessness, sense of choice or i...

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Tomorrow you can be sacked

Being discharged from your duties unceremoniously and suddenly might return as a shock, therefore develop on the hints and clues, which could be lost otherwise. Before you go any, raise yourself honestly, would you actually be stunned if present itself for work tomorrow and you were set off? Does on...

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Your SENT e-mails tell a lot about YOU!!

E-mails are one of the daily activities that we use daily in our professional life. It becomes the best way to keep the record of all the conversations we had with our clients, colleagues, clients, and with management. Even for the approvals, most of the times we don’t even need the printouts and si...

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