A Look at Talent Management- and How It Can Change the Future of Your Organization

With the growth of international business, the relevance of borders and geographical distance has considerably lessened over the last two decades. Technology has begun to advance to new stages, working toward eliminating much of the problems we encounter in our daily business activities. ...

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Why Best Employees Leave Their Jobs?

Is voluntary turnover at your business high? Then it’s time to get a handle on why good or best people leave their jobs. You may be amazed at some of the reasons. ...

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Suggestions for indoor activities / games at the workplace

To get the best out of workers, there is a need for a genuine feeling of closeness. That is positively been the situation with all the effective organizations. Group building is vital, for joining representatives and boosting their resolve. In this way, group building diversions are the most ideal approach to get your group to interface and cooperate better....

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Ways to motivate employee other than salary

Research demonstrates that a spurred, drew in and the responsive workforce is significantly more painful than an unmotivated, emotionless gathering of representatives. At the point when labourers feel connected with, they will probably work harder for the benefit of the organization, since they can ...

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Ideas of employee engagement activities

Everybody needs their organization or business to succeed. Accomplishing positive outcomes and enhancing deals month or even a seemingly endless amount of time is the best need in each business, in any case, it is your workers that you have to take care of as they are the motivation to your benefit ...

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A clear guide to Employee Engagement for HR Professionals

Employee Engagement is basically the relationship between an employee and the organization. It is all about how you maintain relations with your workforce; you keep them engaged in various activities apart from the tasks and goals are given to them to keep them aligned to our organizational objectiv...

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A Secret Recipe to improve Employee Motivation

If you think that employee motivation is very hard to get, you might following the traditional concept. Money is not everything to keep the employee motivation high, rather it is a slow and steady process that needs to be continuous in nature. The good employees really have the passion to grow, lear...

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Pleasure in the job puts Perfection in the work

As per the Aristotle quotes, ‘Pleasure in the job puts Perfection in the work’. And I completely agree with the statement given the fact that you just can’t work if you are not enjoying doing that. Most of the times, stepping away from your comfort zone may not be easy but you have to take a strong ...

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How should HR get connected with employees?

HR professionals have a big responsibility to keep connected to the employees working in the organization in order to keep the employee motivation high. The motivated and positive attitude helps in getting better employee performance.To connect well with all the employees in the organization, there ...

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Easy ways to take a step forward towards Employee Wellness

The new era employee engagement is all about employee wellness and taking care of their health as well. A large number of employers across industries feel that the wellness benefits companies are putting their money into are being appreciated by the employees that are positively impacting health and...

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Engage your employees without any cost

Yes! You can do that… An economical minded management has not always been in favor of employee engagement activities. In fact they have a wrong opinion that all the engagements activities are directly link with any incentive or cost. As HR leaders we are challenged to guide many changes and are alwa...

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Employee loyalty is not a given, it has to be earned

Employee loyalty offers incalculable value to a company, yet most of the leaders literally struggle to earn it. They fail to understand that the employee loyalty can never be a given, it has to be earned. The main element of the problem is a basic misinterpretation of the mutual nature of exact loya...

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Tips to minimize Workplace Negativity

Nothing can be more dangerous than the workplace negativity that affects employee morale. It weakens the organizational positive energy and diverts significant attention from performance and work. You can find the negativity in one’s outlook, attitude, or the way of talking of one of the department ...

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How HR Professionals can connect with Employees?

Human Resource department is known to have both the extremes of responsibilities – to talk directly to them over any disputes and misfit issues as well as maintaining healthy relations with them to keep them engaged. Today, every organization needs the employees who are passionate and who can bring ...

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25 Best Employee Engagement Ideas

Employee engagement is not a precise science. Until now, the total idea has been built on HR knowledge, optimistic psychology and business models that connect an organization’s ability towards a creative culture of achievements.At the core of employee engagement similar to any organization’s base ar...

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Some immense ways to express the appreciation to employees.

You can let know your colleagues and employees how much are they important to you and how much you value them and their contribution or participation any day in the year. Believe me, no special occasion is essential. In fact, little surprises and tokens of appreciation extend throughout the year ass...

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Team Building in the workplace

In every workplace, we hear a lot about a team. There are a lot of terms and phrases we often listen in the place like - Working with my team, developing an effective team, an experienced team and a lot more. Belonging to a team, in a broader manner is a result of feeling a part of something larger ...

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Ideas to celebrate Women’s Day in Office

According to the Report of Global Gender Gap, World Economic Forum's 2017, gender equality is over 200 years away – today needs to be considered as the most important time to keep motivated and #PressforProgress. And with the global activism for women's equality fuelled by movements like #MeToo, #Ti...

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Tips to give constructive feedback as an HR Professional

Truly said, Feedback is the breakfast of the champions. It is really important for everyone in an organisation. Giving constructive feedback to your team members is really very important as they get to know where they are, how are they performing, what their goals are, and what really they can do to...

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How HR can motivate employees

The key to success for any organisation is happy and motivated employees. Managers and Leaders can really have a tough time leading a team if they do not have motivated people with them. The following are a few measures that can be taken to increase employee engagement and make them feel good about ...

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