My Payroll Company HR Has Not Replied To My Resignation Mail

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I am working as contract in a Software Company under payroll of other company.
On 31 July 2014, I sent a resignation mail to HR of my payroll company(Consulting Firm) and mentioned my last day of working as 30 Aug 2014, giving 30 days notice as per the company polices. 

I still haven't received any acceptance mail from my payroll company, but I need to submit at least my resignation mail to my next employer.

Please suggest what I need to do now as already 12 days was over in my notice period.


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No Need for acceptance for your next company Joining. Give them mail proof of your resignation. If employer is not giving accepting letter to any one, they can join the next company with documented proof of resignation. This is for avoiding duel employment.


But my payroll company is in Bangalore and I am working at Client location in Chennai.I need to join in a new company on 1 September 2014.Unable to go directly to my payroll company now.Daily I am calling them for acceptance mail,they are telling we need to discuss with client like that.Now already 12 days are over ,still they are telling the same.But not sending the acceptance mail.Please suggest how to get the acceptance mail from them.


Hi, First of all, you should give the written and personally resignation to your employer, after that you can ask for the acceptance from the employer. Secondly for joining purpose in new company you can give the the mail's copy of your resignation. Regards Kajal