Never, ever tell these 7 things in an INTERVIEW

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It’s frightening to know that the person you’re talking to is evaluating your every word—and might hold the power to change your coming future. This is how interviews can be so tense, and why occasionally it can be tough not to blurt out the main thing that comes to mind. No problem how long you prepare for the interview, it's an actual practice that gets one better at interviewing. And while there are so many things you should say in your job interview, it can be tougher to attention to the things not to say. We’ve got the seven things to steer clear of saying if you indeed want that job.

1.    That this job will pay you a lot more than you ever were paid before

2.    That you did not like your previous boss or anyone else at previous jobs

3.    That you do not have questions about the job

4.    That you have personal or medical problems, e.g. divorces

5.    That you are pregnant - none of their business. Though pregnancies should be celebrated, not every employer looks at them that way!

If you are overqualified - sometimes high qualification is a blessing for an interviewer, but again, many employers look at that this is a giant negative

And finally, that you never had that much responsibility as this position will offer you. "If anyone offers you an awesome opportunity but you haven’t made your mind to accept it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” Richard Branson

If the hiring manager is willing to take a chance on you, then they are unbiased and people-oriented.

I wish more employers took more chances on people like that.

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Yes, you are right on few points, but sometime hiding something create a problem lateron.