How Can We Control Telecom Attrition

Added: Feb 18, 2018 UTC
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Few days back I have assigned the task of Attrition Control. In our organisation, there is huge attrition and I have given the target to reduce it by 15%  by next three months. I need the suggestions and points on this, how can I control and what are the main tools for it. currently we have 24% attrition in our organisation.

Please help and suggest. 

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2 Answers

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma One year ago
Revise company’s employee policy and work on employee satisfaction. Conduct survey and know the root cause of this attrition problem, work on problematic areas, surely you’ll get solution and can reduce it in good number. Best of luck…!!

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Sagrika Roy
Sagrika Roy One year ago
Attrition can’t be control at zero levels, yes we can reduce the attrition percentage month-wise month in any company. First, you should understand all surprising reasons and facts in the organization, why the attrition is happening and what is the percentage rate of the last year. Once you analyze the exact reasons for this happening attritions, at the same time you can have an idea to control this tendency in the future. Check all the reasons and work on it, amend and rectify the bad practices, make a great working environment, give responsibilities to your team members, respect and recognize their performance timely, motivate them from time to time. Make them the assets of the company, surely in a couple of months, you can control or reduce your company attrition. Hope this will help.

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