How I can make office environment more process oriented and active?

Added: Feb 25, 2018 UTC
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Hi all, How I can make office environment more process oriented and active?

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2 Answers

Jennifer Hancock
Jennifer Hancock Nov 27, 2018 UTC
I would encourage all problem solving to be process oriented and active. Often - disagreements are just that - disagreements - but if you encourage people to think about HOW they resolve disagreements - you are helping them to develop processes to handle the problems they encounter and this in turn should help people make it an active habit.

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Pooja Jaswal
Pooja Jaswal Feb 25, 2018 UTC
Creating a good strong environment in office culture has become a terrible mission. Progressive companies across the country are luring top employees not only with high salaries and other benefits, but with the assurance to join a fulfilling team of like-minded folks. Considering how easy it can be to improve the office atmosphere, there are plenty of ways to improve office culture, but in my experience, these are the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to take your office life to the next level: prioritize fun, set clear goals of all employees, encourage Entrepreneurial thinking, recognizes and aspires to key business values.

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