A Brief Check list of Labour Laws

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A brief checklist of all labour laws composted by P.B.S Kumar.  Indian labour law, it refers to laws regulating worker / labour in India. Usually, Indian governments at federal and state level have sought to ensure a high degree of protection for lobours, but in practice, legislative rights only cover a minority of workers. India is a federal form of government and because labour is a subject in the concurrent list of the Indian Constitution, labour matters are in the jurisdiction of both central and state governments; both central and state governments have enacted laws on labour relations and employment issues.  You can check the file, where all necessary and brief information has given. 


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Excellent document on Indian labour Laws, many Thanks for Sharing this informative documents here, this is very brief and useful information given by Mr PBS Kumar. All the Acts have described very beautiful and also provided the checklist of useful dos and dont. Great many Thanks...!!!