Legal Action against Employees Who Left Without Completing Notice Period

Added: Mar 11, 2018 UTC
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Recently I joined in Noida center; I need your support on below matter.

I found there is tendency of some employees, who are just taking the salary on 7th of the month, they don’t turn on 8th. Even they haven’t submitted their notice period also. I know there may be various reason of their absconding for the Job, but they should go through the proper channel and they must submit their on month notice period, so that we can have the time to recruit new candidate on that position.

To stop this trend, can we send the legal notice to them for not submitting their notice period and absconded from the Job?

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1 Answer

Sunder Singh
Sunder Singh Mar 11, 2018 UTC
The first company needs to examine the reasons of this tendency. There may be other employees who are going to do it again. Before any legal action toward left employees, you need to make proper process and policy for separation; you need to guide the existing employees on it. Yes, you can send the formal absconded letter to concerned employees and ask them to report on office or they can follow the proper process of company exit.

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