Life is more precious than a job

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I must have heard these missionary statement for over a million times in my life, but despite this, I took my health if not for granted, but surely on an ignorance mode. I have just made a strong recovery having fallen sick almost three weeks back. It was on the 19th of Feb 2018, at about 9:30am when I had strong giddiness and spinning sensations, which was highly unlikely since it never happened before.

I was immediately rushed to a multi speciality hospital in Delhi and got my intensive checks up done by a globally renowned neurologist. Had my MRI, MRA and brain angiography done and doctors found nothing in them. Eventually after spending few days at the hospital, I was told that I have been diagnosed with VERTIGO which is a major metropolitan life style disorder. I have made a very strong recovery but must share my experience and take away.

They say that an intelligent man learns from his mistakes but a wise man learns from other's experiences.

 1. Love your job but don't take your work seriously causing high stress levels.

2. Already said on million occasions, please spend quality time with your folks, family and friends.

3. Most importantly, least but not the last, go for routine complete medical checks up every six months.

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