Employee retention is important for all organization

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What is Objective?

Keeping in view of the present day competition among the organizations and non-availability of right type of persons, HR Managers must plan for Retention Plan in their HR Policy.  It is very difficult to retain the best talents.  Somewhere I read:

Let him go to better place & Let me get better man.

But we cannot work on the above theory, because, fast and vast technological changes are happening daily.  Up-dated knowledgeable employees are a scarce material.  If you get them, you have to plan for Retention Policy.  For this following tools are helpful to HR Managers:

Reports/Data collected from Exit interviews

Best Interview Methods

Keep Trainees Pool as a buffer stock

Up-date you’re HR Policies as compared to your competitors.

Enhance Productivity-related Motivational Factors

Identify the Job Dissatisfaction/De-motivational Factors

Plan for Preventive Maintenance Schedules in Employee Relations

Have a Clear-cut Career Planning and Succession Planning

Delegative and Participative Approach by HODs

Reward Schemes (Instantaneously)

Freedom and enjoy working conditions

Daily keep your employees in Enjoy Working conditions.  Let it be monetary/kind/welfare/eatables/flexi-timings/Appreciation in a Group.

Training is another area where the employees are up-dated/Up-graded as per need of the hour.  Modern younger group give much attention to their increase in knowledge and skills.  Keep your HR activities and healthy HR Practices “live”. 

Develop “System-oriented Approach” rather than “Man-oriented Approach”.

Retention is another area where HR Manager is to play a key role because it is a

Value Addition to Product or Service

Challenge to HR Career and HR Plan

Increase in Productivity

It is the onerous responsibility of HR People and of course, Management is to support them in implementing their innovative HR Suggestions for Best Retention.

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