Should I apply for new license for Company’s address changes?

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If the factory's address changes will the license be new apply, or the address change?

Please suggest and help me.

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The applicable Factories Rules prescribe the situation wherein amendment of factory license is needed. Speaking with reference to Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh Factories Rules, such an amendment in Factory license is mandated when the limit of maximum B.H.P. installed on any day or the maximum number of workers engaged is exceeded, or effects any change in the name of factory. If the change in address contemplates change in the name of factory, then the application for amendment along with prescribed fees has to deposit for amendment of license.


It depends upon the nature of the change. The license issued under the Factories Act or any other similar Law of regulatory nature is basically a permission granted to use particular premises for a particular purpose subject to certain norms. Therefore, when there is a cosmetic change like change in the door/site no., name of the street, name of the enterprise etc., amendments can be carried out accordingly. But, if the change contemplated is consequent on the shifting of the entire unit to some other place/address, the existing license has to be surrendered and a new license has to be applied for.