HR Professionals should get connected with employees?

Added: May 16, 2018 UTC
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HR Professionals should get connected with employees? 

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Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur May 16, 2018 UTC
Hi Ria, to connect with the employees, two fundamental things are important. One is that there should be sufficient strength of HR professionals and second one is whether HR professionals have time to connect with the employees. In the IT companies, where most of the activities of erstwhile personnel management are outsourced, and HR professionals handle only the hardcore HR activities even then also, the ratio is 1:200 With this ratio, how HR can stay in touch with the employee is matter of conjecture! In the SMEs, where most of the HRs is nothing but personnel managers, are laden with routine work like payroll processing, activities related to the labour laws and above all recruitment. Even if payroll processing and statutory activities are outsourced then also challenge of timely recruitment keeps HRs on their toes. This leaves them no time for staying in touch with the employees proactively. Many times, it is just firefighting. The question is asked about how HRs should stay connected with the employees. Obviously, the better answer is communication. Nevertheless, in addition to the communication, HRs should also gather organisational intelligence. HR should get insight on fights or fracas that take place in various departments, strained relationship, romantic relationship, who could quit organisation out of frustration and so on.

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