How Do You Handle Behavioral Issues In A Startup Company?

Added: May 28, 2018 UTC
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I need the help on behavioral issues of an employee in new company. He just joined the company recently. Please suggest that how do you handle behavioral issues in a startup company?  Is it really wise to terminate an employee based on behavior?

Behavior issue that we are facing with the employee is that, he is late to office every day. Prolonged breaks. Considering he has been with us for about a month now. We have issued him 2 verbal warnings and one written warning. But we have seen no improvement with him. 

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3 Answers

Jennifer Hancock
Jennifer Hancock Nov 27, 2018 UTC
You might want to ask him - why he is late. Does he have transportation problems? Maybe work with him to figure out how to get him to work on time. It is very easy to assume that the behavior problem is an attitude problem, but until you know what is causing it - you won't actually know. So ask. Some companies have dignity ambassadors - people whose job it is to help employees with personal problems (whether it is housing, transportation or even drug addiction) to help them succeed in the workplace.

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Upma Rathore
Upma Rathore May 30, 2018 UTC
In terms of behavioural issues, if the employees donot come on time even after two notices, termination is the only thing left.
Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur May 28, 2018 UTC
Hello, coming late to office every day, taking prolonged breaks could be indicative of a burn out in the employee or even a stressed employee who starts to believe that if he cannot get out of the situation, he should start skirting it. Give the employee an opportunity to explain why he is regularly late and encourage him to develop a solution that works for both the employee and the employer, with the end result being that the employee arrives to work on time. Approaching the problem in this manner will help to ensure that the employee comes up with a solution that he buys into, and can help resolve the issue without the need for further disciplinary action. I run training and counseling company and a large part of our programs focus on enhancing employee happiness quotient and going by our experience these are potent signs of stress in the employee. Having a counseling approach, will help the employee uncover the reason he is late and providing him support and guidance can make a big difference. As a start up, while business is priority, an employee's wellness should not be allowed to take a back seat. Demonstrating a caring attitude may help improve employee engagement and boost your business in turn. Do let us know if you need any help in this regard.

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