Is Employee Bond Valid As Per The Labour Laws In India?

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Hello Friends, I have a very serious question in my mind. Is employee bond valid as per the labour laws in India? If yes could you please share little information regarding the same and its applicability?  

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Be assure that no employer can bond any employee by any bond, the legal system of India clearly abolished bonded labor system long back, and under no condition no person can bound other by any agreement to waive of his legal rights assured under the constitution of India, Article 19 guarantees the right to work and this right neither can be waived of by the employee on his own will nor the employer can force any contract in contradiction to above mentioned article yes the employer can bond his employee for payment of any expenses incurred by the employer as part of training provided to employee, but this training should be provided to an employee by the employer for any other point than increasing his output / performance in the organization as an employee yes the employer can stop his employees from working in its competitors organization for a certain period of time .