Why Knowledge Management is Important?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019 UTC
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You need to collect the knowledge of individuals, share those ideas & rejoice the sharing. That, in the end, is how a business becomes great. – JACK WELCH.

Don’t keep make the same terrible decisions. . . . All Nucor plant surely has its little storehouse of equipment that was bought, tried, & discarded. The knowledge we gather from our so-called failures may lead us to spectacular success.

Stacey noted that knowledge is in the process of constant development. Knowledge is continuously developed & reproduced for use through the communications among individuals within the association.

Knowledge Management “is taken as the tools, techniques, & strategies to retain, analyze, organize, improve & share business expertise” by Groff & Jones. Demarest defines Knowledge Management: information-based (e.g. codifying & archiving information) & people based (e.g. networking, connecting, or otherwise sharing knowledge). Thus, Knowledge Management is based on people of the organization using technology & other resources to address issues, making decisions & accomplish business objectives.

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