What are the greatest challenges in Talent Acquisition?

Added: Aug 18, 2018 UTC
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Hi, I want to know the greatest challenges of Talent Acquisitions in forthcoming months or years. What are the biggest challenges for Talent Acquisition departments at mid-size to large companies?

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Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur 4 months ago

Hiring decisions aren’t easy. Who else but you, as a recruiter, would know of it? You would agree that your challenges are two-fold. One, get more applicants to apply to your organization. Two, get the best of these applicants in the shortest possible time. Here are the greatest challenges in Talent Acquisition these days, which all the recruiters and hiring staff facing the problem.

1. Now best candidates are deciding between multiple offers at once

2. There is too much noise in the market related to Jobs and skills

3. There is a shortage of great talent out there 4. Hiring managers are too picky with what they want


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