What would be the future scope of HR department?

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Now a days HR department playing a very crucial and vast role in all organization, but recently we have seen that some organisations are planning for HR automation, So I want to know about the real future of coming HR. What will be the new options and tools for HR department ?

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I think the future of HR is in automation. Every company big or small want to spent as less time as possible on Recruitment. I think the toughest job in hiring is screening of candidates. There are tons of products like Chatbots, ATS, Resume Parsers which help you automate this process. But I think they are still not up to the mark. It also helps you with the scheduling process. So, I guess we are moving towards a world, where most of the decisions in the Hiring process would be automated. I think AI will play a major role in this. Even if you see in India we have companies like AirCTO , Instahyre which are really changing the traditional methods for hiring.