How Not to do Interviews ( 10 Mistakes )

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1. Candidates are treated with disrespect like cattle remember that respect in a two way street.

2. Candidates get no feedback, and are left hanging.  They are looking for the process takes too long. If it takes more than 3 rounds to hire someone, it is time to look in the mirror.

3. They do not explain what the job is about, what is like working there, advantages and potentials. 

4. Interviewers make interviews look like interrogations. 

5. They are looking for someone to fit exactly their own job description, as if it is a gospel. Tomorrow will come and change their requirements anyway.

6. They ask questions like “Where do you yourself in 5 years “Instead they should explain where they see their company in 6 months.

7.  They are unwilling to take any risks and unwilling to go with their gut feeling. They are easily taking risks on stocks sports and horses but not willing to take chances on people. People deserve better treatment than horses!

8. They are looking for perfect candidates to come along. Nobody is perfect.

9. They are looking for minims. Don’t hire people to work for you. Hire people to work with, people you can learn from, and eager to learn from you. 

Let’s stop treating candidates as applicants. Treat them as people, like you want to be treated. 

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