How to update untidy HR Functions - Please Help

Added: Sep 25, 2018 UTC
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My HR is totally unprocessed and there is no systematic SOPs in the organisation. I want to streamline all the Hr department and all policies, Please help me out how I can make it possible.

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Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur Sep 25, 2018 UTC
Hi, there are some process flows and Identifies these first. Find out the start point, the very essential steps, and the approvals and in order sharing joints. Find out the bottle neck in every process. Surely it can be a clear area where the work gets delayed. Otherwise, it can remain evasive, i.e. if any recruitment for a role was delayed once, due to the unavailability of the Interviewers. It can be the absence of the signing power to the letters next time. Identify all this type areas where work gets stuck. Create other line, where it will move in order to avoid delay timely. Always create simpler processes, with clearer responsibility to deliver the tasks and time within which it has to end. Avoid cutting the long procedure down, at once, rather chose to do it in phases. Review and benchmark the credentials and policies with respect to an industry leader or any company that meets the required standard. Try and keep the main jobs responsibilities of each process to fewer numbers of employees. This will create fewer dependencies. In case you have dire situation, you may consider other wise. Please create levels for managing different responsibilities

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