How Important are Exit Interviews?

Updated: 8 months ago
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Dear all, Are Exit Interviews really useful. If yes, how?. How it can benefit the organizations. Mainly iv seen there is a lot of venting during the Exit Interviews, which only leads to sour relations.

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Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur Oct 13, 2018 UTC
Hi Ankita, Exit interviews are often unnoticed, but it can be so valuable for any business or company. It is a time to learn and reflect on your organization as a whole and also learn about persons and how they interact with one another. Sometimes you will confirm that your organization is heading in the right direction and your management is performing favorably, but more than likely you may find areas that require improvement. HR should conduct the exit interview of all valuable employees. They can give the fair and mile stone inputs about the organization. Here are four benefits of exit interviews: 1. Cost Effective: 2. More Accurate Point of Views of attired person: 3. Uncover Real Work Environment: 4. Company can increase retention. Exit interviews are vital for an accurate assessment of employee views and their perspective. This information can be used in many ways to improve the organization culture and behavior.

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