Challenges , Implications for Organization and HRM Professionals

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Challenges -

These actions include the development of employee skills, effectively usage of new technology, development of new organizational Structures, to build Cultures that foster learning and innovation. These Challenges Include -

  1. Changing Workforce demographics
  2. Meeting the need for lifelong individual learning.
  3. Competing in a global economy
  4. Facilitating organizational learning
  5. Eliminating organizational Learning


Organization need to address racial and ethnic prejudices that may persist, moreover Cultural insensitivity and language difference.

  1. With the increasing Numbers of women in the workforce, organization should continue to provide developmental opportunities that will prepare women for advancement to the senior ranks and provide safe guards against sexual harassment.
  2. The ageing of the workforce highlights the importance of creating HRM programs that recognize and address the learning related needs of older workers.


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