Diwali Celebration at Office!

Added: Oct 23, 2018 UTC
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How are you celebrating Diwali in your office?

Pour in ideas and suggestions.

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1 Answer

Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur One month ago

Diwali is a time to boost up your celebratory spirits! Yes, why not bring some festive spirit to your office also? Celebrating this festival in your office is not only a great way to have some enjoyment and fun at work but also a great way to link with other employees and uplift your team spirit.

So, if you are finding for awesome ideas to celebrate this grand occasion in your organization, here are few interesting ways to celebrate this beautiful festival in your office.

  1. Cover the tables of the dining hall, galleries, and other places in your office with beautiful colored tablecloths.
  2. Create centerpieces using dry nuts and fruits, firecracker empty containers, and decorating ideas.
  3. At the office entrance, make beautiful rangoli using rice, colors, and flowers.
  4. Decorate the office space using traditional Indian flowers.
  5. Take a print of some traditional images of Diwali and make a collage to put on the office notice boards.
  6. If you have official permission, play some Indian traditional Diwali music. You can also ask someone to teach the employees Bollywood dancing!
  7. Serve traditional Diwali sweets and foods, snacks, dry fruits, and Indian desserts or sweets in your office canteen.
  8. Arrange for silver and gold wrapped coin chocolates and gift them to other employees. They can also be used as prizes for giving answers to fun questions at the time of lunch or during the time set aside for the celebration of Diwali at the office.
  9. Get a theme cake with the art of firecrackers and diyas on it.
  10. Read the reasons and traditions related to the festival. Then, surely you can have a discussion and chat with others about the festival in the office or can arrange a fun quiz on the festival, with gifts for the answers.
  11. Play a slideshow of pictures related to Diwali, or photos of employees celebrating the festival at the workplace or along with their lovely families, using a projector, employees will feel get connected in this environment.
  12. Hire a henna mehndi artist for the female employees in the office, to create a festive mood.
  13. Call and arrange a tattoo artist or a hairstylist for the male employees also.

So, go ahead and apply these ideas to have a great Diwali in your office. These are very easy to apply, and most would not cost much.


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