Career and succession Planning

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The rules for managing people are changing dramatically in today's world . To be Competitive , organisations have to be adaptive . Jobs are becoming more flexible to cope with the changes and organisations are embracing alternative ways of designing work that take into account the diverse interests and backgrounds of Potential employees . organisations and people are more focused than ever before . A common approach of organisations is to establish career development programmes with greater emphasis on the individuals and to integrate them with the existing HR functions and structures in the Organisation . Integrating career development with other HR functions and structures in the organisation create synergies in which all aspects of HR reinforce one another . 


  • Understand the meaning of career 
  • Know the differences between organisational and individual career Planning 
  • Define career planning 
  • Difference between career planning and succession planning 
  • Explain the process of career planning 
  • Describe career stages with respect of life 
  • Know the career development model 
  • understand the importance of career development 
  • Properly design a career development programme  

In other words we define - 

" Career goals are the future positions one strives for as part of a career ."

"Career planning is the process by which one selects career goals and the path of these goals "

" Career development are those personal improvements one undertakes to achieve a personal career plan "

"Career Management is the process of designing and implementing goals , plans and strategies which enable the organisation to satisfy employee needs while allowing individuals to achieve their career goals .

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