How to Reply "Where Do You See Yourself After Five Years From Now"

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This tricky question is mostly asked by HR Interviewers – “Where do you see yourself after five years from now?” Surely HR wants to test the commitment of person for the Job role. What will be the best answer of this question? 

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REPLY: "I am certain that the coming next five years will be productive for me. Working in an esteemed organization with a positive work environment can be worthwhile. I can picture myself growing to the position I am working on. I feel the values of this organization can be advantageous to my career. In return, I see myself utilizing my knowledge to yield better outcomes. The five years ahead are a guide to me. They would take me to a target where I can cherish the achievements along the road." Best of Luck!


YOU CAN ANSWER: “I have always set my priorities in life. Today I can say that those priorities have helped me achieve various things. Those decisions have rewarded me with the opportunity to sit here in a reputed organization. It is almost certain that I have set up priorities for the upcoming years. I look forward to working here with a promising attitude. I want to attain new heights in my career whilst taking forward the goal of this organization. It is important for me to synchronize my targets with the objectives of this company. Then it can be easier for me to work with my full potential. The five years that lie ahead can be marked with milestones of progress, for me as well as the organization.”


ANSWER IS: “Well I’m really excited about this opening. In the next five years, I would like to be recognized as an expert in this sector. This job will for sure provide me with a golden opportunity to do the same. Since I already have a few years of work experience, I am excited to take up managerial responsibilities in the coming few years. Besides, I have the potential to lead projects, and if I am able to deliver, I am sure this organization will give me the chance to become one of the forerunners. I would like to mention that in the past, I have worked with some amazing managers. Under them, I have bloomed into a professional with great managerial skills myself. Five years ago, I wanted to be where I am today. So five years from now, I want to set up realistic goals for myself and also for my organization. I will keep the same fire alive within and I hope I will achieve my goal.”