Best Answer “What is the Difference between Smart Work and Hard Work?”

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We know that Interviews are simply a questions and answers session. A good hiring manager love to quiz candidates about their strengths and weaknesses or dig deeper with questions like “Tell me about yourself.” 

Next questions surely they will ask “What is the Difference between Smart Work and Hard Work?”

Some other modifications of this question are:

  • What do you think is more significant; hard work or smart work?
  • Would you consider yourself a hard worker or a smart worker?

This question on hard work vs smart work is to mostly understand a candidate’s work ethic and style. In your opinion and knowledge, what will be the best answer?  Looking here best replies or answers.

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Both have their rightful place. When the stakes are high, go by hard work. There is nothing that can fail it. When things are simpler, go by smart work. Smart work comes by practice. I love keyboard shortcuts but to learn them, first I have to know them and practice them a few times. Then they will come automatically to my typing. So hard work culminates to smart work. Isn't it? I believe talent could come in 2 packings--inborn or innate flair which everyone calls talent and second is skill development as a replacement which grows and flourish with time. First brings smart work and second leads to hard work.


"I consider, hard work and smart work are two different tools to complete a single job and even you can say that they are two aspects of the same coin! Certainly it depends on the duration of the particular Job or the level of effort, on the basis of which a assessable amount of hard work and smart work should be put in together! Hard work always assurances amazing results but requires more effort and time. I work hard or work smart depending on the situation and complete the Job within TAT. Both are important to perform a job in smooth and effective way"