Video Resume Profile Tips – How, Why Important?

Updated: Mar 22, 2019 UTC
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Do you know, what is a video resume profile? How can it help your job search? A video resume profile is very short video made by a candidate for an employment and uploaded to the Internet or emailed to a hiring manager for prospective employers to review their initial skills and personality.

A video resume profile clip describes the individual's skills and knowledge and is typically used to addition papers resume. A good video resume can be created by an expert for you, or if you have knowledge of video editing, you can create your own.

Tips for Creating Video resume:

Be professional:  You should dress as would for an Interview while making professional resume's video.

Prepare a Good Script:  Prepare a good script for Video resume about your skills, competency and major goals.

Know your audience:  As you have planned your script and location for filming your resume video, the next step you should know to whom you are making this resume, keep all the things (Employers) in your mind when you’re creating this profile

Keep Video Brief:  Make sure this resume video should be 30 to 90 seconds maximum, anything longer unlikely to be watched.

Play to your strength: Focus on your quality and strength; you should be confident with full of energy.

Use quality equipment: Shoot your resume video with professional camera; don’t use any mobile phone for this.

Don’t mix your personal life: You should be professional in all script, don’t mix your personal life and activities in this professional Resume Video.

Share with Friends: Once you crated your profile, share this video with your family and friends; ask them for reviews and mistakes, this will help you to create a final version of “Professional Video Resume”

In Present or coming days, Video profile will play a great and vast role in every industry. Every Recruiter or Hiring manager wants to check brief about skills in applicant’s Video Profile.

Anything, if you have query or feedback, please comments. 

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