Has someone ever been fired because of you?

Added: Mar 23, 2019 UTC
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Want to share one incident, four month back, I went local grocery store one evening, after a long day at work, I went front to the delivery counter to purchase some fried chicken. The young man behind the counter made eye contact and while walking toward me he paused, grabbed some paper towels, blew his nose, and then proceeded to wait on me at the counter. I paused a moment looking fixedly at him, and just before he went to pull my order of chicken out of the case I said to him “You’re not going to wash your hands after blowing your nose?”

He turned from me walked over to the sink, washed his hands, and then very loudly operated the handle on the paper towel dispenser again and again. He was obviously annoyed. He came back, filled my order, but before I walked away I told him that HE was the problem, and that he shouldn’t cop an attitude with me because he failed to wash his hands. I then proceeded to the counter of the store to speak with the manager. I told the story to manager and request to follow the basic hygiene and went my way.

After couple of weeks I went again that store and said to manager that I came after so many days because of the behavior of your staff. When I asked what was up with this kid, Manager told me that they’d given him the heave-ho. apparently; there had been other problems with his attitude. So yeah, I got this kid fired few days back.

Don’t know what the exact reason of his sacking was. Here want to know; have you faced this type of situation/ problem in your office and other place? Please share!

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