Career prospects after dismissal

Added: Apr 06, 2019 UTC
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Dear sir,I am an MBA Finance graduate working in an public sector bank since three years.Recently I am facing turmoil in my job. I have been working in a PSB and staying in a PG kind of accommodation since it’s not my home state and first posting. I have been paying a rent of 5800/- plus electricity bill. As per bank policy I was allowed to claim a maximum of 8000/- as rental allowance. Being a beginner I was unaware of difference between rental entitlement and rental allowance. So I was claiming full amount of 8000/- on PG bill. Now bank started scrutinizing rental bills and decided to dismiss employees submitting wrong bills.I have no idea it is such a serious misconduct and landed in trouble. I am very new to industry and I am in late 20's.Kindly advise me with what are my options if I was dismissed.I'm finding the job routine. No rewards/improvements, challenges. I was already looking for change and suddenly landed in this trouble.Kindly help me what are my career prospects if dismissed. Can I find employment in private sector? Finance/Marketing industry.I still didn't lose my zeal. I wanted to rebuild my career. I wanted to hone my skills, do some certificate courses (business analytics, data analytics, market research etc). Kindly consider my age (28) and give me your best advice me how to build my career after a debacle.Thanks and Regards

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