24 hours - More than enough to find a "billion-dollar" Android app idea

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Today, I will share with you guys a very professional process to search for the idea of building an Android application that can generate billions of dollars that I've been doing and will still apply in the near future.

You guys won't have to sit and stare at the computer screen thinking. Then rely on a certain miracle to suddenly come up with the idea of ??breakthrough Android application. From there build an application that dominates the market.

This will be a secret " internal justice " that you need to memorize when you intend to write Android applications to make money.


Android application ideas need new ideas and needs from reality


I used to think that I really was a failure - when I was 26 years old. Every dream, ambition and passion I tried to build for so long seemed to have been completely crushed and collapsed then.

But then, just when I was immersed in the darkest despair, a "blip" from deep within my consciousness suddenly awoke, awakened and changed my mind.

Slowly and cautiously, that "blip" may not bring immediate miracles, but it can make me sure of one thing: I'm about to succeed!

# The first mistake

Each of us has the ability to create new application ideas. However, they are almost horrible.

Some ideas are considered too illusory or too special to be practical. Others are born to compete in environments that provide little or no income.

That is why the following articles were created to help you avoid these traps that kill these budgets and dreams.

I learned how to be patient and endure the difficulties of starting to create my first idea, even though it was an embarrassing failure.

Why is that?

It's an app built entirely on my very subjective imagination, instead of sticking to objective research about the market.

With determination to become a "reformer" - someone who makes a difference without regard to the requirements of the market. I was blinded by my own idealism.

# Creativity is important but ... still missing

In business, market research is all about igniting interest - at least for me. Things that come from passion and the challenge of creativity have an "unrivaled" appeal.

For that reason, I spent most of my high school and college time thinking about new things and shaping up in the minds of exciting products that had never been invented. Go into details, quickly outline ideas and try to make them come true, that's what makes me feel really excited.

I always keep in mind one thing: I will become rich if I create a new one while others have never thought of it! Being unique is the key to unlocking all sorts of treasures, I believe.

Searching for all kinds of ideas, writing down lists of notes and sketching ideas, that's what I did.

But do you know what happened?


Right! The first time, the second time, the third time ..., I gradually became desperate because of my own ideas when I witnessed them struggling to survive in the market.

Why can other people succeed and I encounter successive failures? Where did I go wrong?

I can't even understand how people out there can make money with unattractive jobs like typing capcha or making boring apps.

After all failed business efforts, I started to ask myself: Is it true that my dream is to become an entrepreneur? Maybe I'm not qualified to realize that dream!

But then, I suddenly realized something ...

First of all, I have to assert that it is definitely something we have all heard so many times, so much so that no one cares and really believes in the sense of clichés they bring.


My teacher has said this over and over in my economics class, but I personally never want to apply it in real work.

And so, I accidentally forgot an important question in my business journey: “What is the need for your idea? ”.

There are hundreds and thousands of companies out there that seem unattractive, but can you imagine, they're still making money?

I realized that I had made one of the biggest mistakes any entrepreneur could make when he started his business: So deeply immersed in his own ideas .

Unilaterally presenting ideas that I think are excellent, building spectacular innovations without the objective consideration of market factors, I was too naive to believe that I only needed If you like it, everyone will have the same love. That is exactly a mistake .

# Market research - the key to success

No, this will probably happen if you are a genius Steve Jobs!

But obviously we are just ordinary people. Market research to analyze whether your ideas are valuable is what most of us need to do.

Because I was too afraid to research the market, I wasted my time and killed my efforts to create ideas that no one needed. If only I realized the importance of this earlier, I could have saved myself from years of failures ...

However, up to the present time, that was a story of the past. Since applying research and market analysis lessons to work, things have started to change dramatically. I clearly feel and gradually have strong faith in my success.

Oh forget, if you do not know what Android programming is and want to become Android Developer. If you want to make money from your own applications, here are some articles for the first step:


What I'm going to mention below are not groundbreaking new Android app ideas. On the contrary, even they have been mentioned a lot before

Of course, from knowing to understanding and from understanding to applying advice is not easy. Remember, a successful entrepreneur must start with a mindset that goes beyond innovation.

You will see this point again in the next article. " Quality business thinking " requires knowledge and research from reality.

Then it is time for new, innovative, unique Android app ideas. Great apps for Android are waiting for you.

Come on, let's find "who is the billionaire"

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