Hello friend,Can any one tell me How to Write a Condolence Email?

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Although sympathy card is the best option to send when someone is under deep pain, few times it's not possible. A situation like the time it will take or post it them knowing their address etc. All these factors can make your decision to not sent a card. But writing the condolence email can be tricky compared to writing a condolence card message. And I am one of them who can struggle to write condolence email.If anyone knows the proper way to write this email then please reply to me with some sample.

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2 Answers

Paramjit Sodhi
Paramjit Sodhi One year ago

I/We are sorry to learn about the sudden demise of your reverend/beloved father/mother………….. (Reverend would be for parents...)
My family members join me in expressing our heartfelt condolences to you and your family members. May The Almighty bless the departed soul to rest in peace.


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Ashutosh Chandra Mishra
Ashutosh Chandra Mishra One year ago

Hi Neha, Here it is:

Dear _____,
It was really sad to hear about the unexpected life's loss of your ______.

Please accept my deepest condolence and always be assured of any kind of assistance from my end.

May his/her soul rest in peace.

My sincere sympathy,
- Your Name


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