Any Fun Ideas to Celebrate Christmas at the Office?

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The arrival of December month means one thing: the arrival of Christmas and New Year. It is greatest times of year where we toughen our relationships between our personal and professional lives. Occasionally traditions can become exhausted and the same events get repeated year after year. Since this is such a main time of year, which everybody enjoys, it is important to rejoice it at the office and for everybody to take part and have a great time.

Anyone have ideas on how to celebrate Christmas & New Year at the office? Please share some excited fun ideas here. Thx

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Sagrika Roy
Sagrika Roy One year ago

Yes, these celebrations can help to uphold team spirit among colleagues and make a more solid company or association. And, why not we have a little fun at this time? Yes, we know work is important but productivity with increase meaningfully if the working atmosphere is happy and relaxed throughout the year, and mainly at this time of year.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Christmas at your office, getting away from or changing the typical celebrations and traditions, which everybody is a little tired of. Take a risk!

  1. Set dress theme for all employees on Christmas and New Year day.
  2. Have employees decorate their office door, workstations and have a contest among everyone.
  3. Put one Christmas tree in Main areas and ask employees to decorate some parts of the tree with their own material and innovative ideas.
  4. Decorate your cubicle and have a cube contest.
  5. Host a hot chocolate bar with different toppings.
  6. Organize fun pizzas in the shape of Christmas trees and have employees enjoy it.
  7. Make it a family affair and bring in a Santa for the employee’s children.
  8. Incorporate a charitable cause and donate gifts from your organization, such as Toys for Tots or Trees for Troops.
  9. Ask employees to bring in their favorite cookie and have a cookie tasting.
  10. Organize fun games in office like, tombola, cards, chess, musical chairs, damsharas etc.
  11. Do a craft with your employees like you did in grade school, such as snow globes made out of baby food jars.
  12. Can organize a snowman building contest.
  13. Decorate your office windows with spray snow and ask your employees write holiday and New Year wishes messages to each other.
  14. In last, give employees company logo items, ranging from clothing to mugs, as a thank you for their work this year.

Have a great time with your colleagues and friends.


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