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Updated: One year ago
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 We are reputed organization and would like have answers for my below mentioned query

  1. What actions to be taken on the employees who leave the company without serving the notice period.
  2. What is the procedure to blacklist the employee who have left the organization without serving notice period.


Await reply at the earliest.

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1 Answer

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma One year ago
Hi, are you following company policies? Have you issued the appointment letters to the employees? If yes, what are clauses of separation or termination? You can take the action according your issued appointment letter. If you are not adhering any company policy or issued any such letter, you can’t take any action against them. First again revise your company's policy letters and get acknowledged from all existing employees. Later on you can take further action on Absconding and Frauds cases.

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