Employee Verification over an anonymous letter.

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I need a small piece of advice. We have received an anonymous letter about one of our employee, that states that the employee shares business details/secrets outside the office and also have faked her designation/salary at the time of his marriage, and the same has been out on different matrimonial sites putting our company's name in line. The employee has been with us for about two years. The letter also mentions several things about the employee's activities outside the office, some of them are scary. What should we do? should we verify this, show causing the employee or just let it go?


We have over 200 employees, this is the first such case.


Kindly advice. 

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Vikas Bhardwaj
Vikas Bhardwaj One year ago
Hi Gaurav, do you have solid proof about all these activities or just have an anonymous letter? Before questioning anything, you should have documented proof or papers. She is your employee and working with you from last two years. This may be fake or someone wants to harass that employee. Check her track record with HR and performance from her reporting manager during this last 2 years. If she has good track record, you can’t trust on before of one anonymous letter. You can have committee on this including one female member and ask your all queries from her in very polite and supporting manner.

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